Partner Program

Why become a VKM Partner?

The VKM Integrators & Partners Program offers integrators / System Partners important benefits. Participation in this Program helps our customers and distributors to identify the SI & Ps of greater knowledge and experience in the development of applications based on VKM solutions.The result is a more profitable business for systems integration and commercialization companies and greater customer satisfaction with VKM software solutions.

Program for Partner VKM

The System Integrators & Partners (SI & P) program of VKM Software Solutions provides a Channel for Business Partners with credentials that recognize their knowledge and skills with VKM solutions..The purpose of the VKM Integrators & Partners Program is to add, support and retain expert Integrators and Systems Partners, to offer high quality solutions to our clients using open VKM software solutions.


The strength of the VKM Software Solutions Ecosystem lies in the mutual collaboration based on the interdependence of a highly organized community.VKM Software Solutions embraces this ideal in its Business Partner Ecosystem. Our goal is, to be able to develop, market and provide pioneer solutions in real time, which accelerate time to market, improve the return on investment, and the customer experience. We trust in the collaboration between our partners and our network, to offer the customer solutions that increase the current and future profitability of their operations.The concept is simple: more partners who work with our technology mean more innovation, more collaboration and, above all, more satisfied customers.